March 30, 2023

Connectors Launch

Apperate Connectors are Here! Introducing our new Coinbase, Ethereum, and MySQL Connectors

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IEX Cloud Team

Apperate’s latest suite of new features includes connectors for Coinbase (BETA), Ethereum, and MySQL. Connectors make it easier for developers to stream their data into our event processor. They can then filter the data, shape it, make it available for querying and ultimately deliver it via event publishing or via API.   Here, our product team takes a closer look at the process, which we’ve designed to be as simple as possible so you can build faster.

The Problems Developers Face Without Data Connectors:

Data connectors help cut down on time-consuming coding and costly work required to establish connections between data sources and applications. Using connectors, developers can minimize:

  • Integration difficulties
  • Challenges scaling large volumes of data
  • Difficulties in sourcing, procuring and managing third party data


Without MySQL Connectors

Using MySQL connectors, developers avoid:

  • Having to write code 
  • Building new infrastructure to develop real-time events
  • Performance problems due to complex databases


Without Coinbase Connectors 

Using Coinbase connectors, developers avoid:

  • Manually translating and writing code from Coinbase’s API
  • Using different interfaces to work with different platforms
  • The lift of building custom integration


Without Ethereum Data Connectors:

While Coinbase and MySQL data is highly structured and more straightforward, working with Ethereum data is enough to make any seasoned developers’ palms sweat. Here are just some of the requirements integrating this data entails:

  • Getting blockchain specs
  • Accessing blockchain nodes
  • Processing the blocks and getting the data
  • Translating the code from binary into JSON or a human-readable format
  • Writing rules
  • Testing and maintenance

Without an Ethereum connector, developers might be looking at a four-to-six-month job for integrating their applications. We know this because we’ve been there: Apperate tested this process ourselves as we built our connectors, starting in November 2022 and ending in March 2023.


Additional Benefits of Connectors

Let’s take a closer look at how connectors handle the lift for you. Connectors: 

  • Extract data from the blockchain or data source
  • Select the type of events and blocks you can listen to
  • Set rules for action

Connectors solve the problem of monitoring multiple streams of information that change on events. They also condense the arduous extraction and translation of data so that developers can perform analytics in a streamlined way. With blockchain data, they can also can process the blocks and all the data they store, as well as the transaction logs, providing events. Developers can better configure connectors to ingest what data they need and filter and determine what data they need from specific financial data and tokens, and when.


How Apperate Connectors Work

Apperate’s connectors ingest the data for you, translate it, and create rules and triggers based on events.

Get a connector going in 3 steps:

  1. Create a connector: Configure a connection for streaming data from a supported source to an Apperate dataset.
  2. Discover streams and select one: Data sources have one or more *streams*--the kinds of data the source provides. You'll learn how to list a source's streams and set a stream for your connector.
  3. Start the connector: Enable connector data flow into Apperate.


Once yourconnector is started, you can filter the data and deliver alerts by creating arule. You may stop the connector at any time, disabling connector data flowinto Apperate.

You can read our connectors documentation here.


Additional Documentation On our New Connectors

Coinbase (BETA)

Connect to Coinbase and get real-time alerts on crypto price changes.

Read our Coinbase connector documentation here.



Track token events on Ethereum blockchain, such as creating real-time alerts on holder/wallet transfers, and/or react to smart contract executions.

Read our Ethereum connector documentation here.



Without any code change, connect any of your MySQL data to Apperate. Monitor and act on your private data with event-driven alerts or deliver your data via standardized API. 

Read our MySQL connector documentation here.


Learn More About Apperate Connectors 

Anytime we can make data more accessible, easier to work with and less messy, we’ve done our job. With our new Ethereum, Coinbase and MySQL connectors, we’re making translating and code writing less of a time-consuming slog.

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