January 15, 2020

Introducing Rules Engine Beta

Meet the new way to use IEX Cloud.

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IEX Cloud Team

Meet the new way to use IEX Cloud.

You can now get alerts and data delivered via SMS, email, webhook, and more when conditions of your choice are met across IEX Cloud datasets.

No coding required.

Schedule custom alerts and event-driven data delivery with the click of a button.

Powerful filters.

Select the precise conditions for when and how you want to push alerts and data.

Complex use cases made easy.

Incorporate multiple datasets and conditions into your rules.

Store data without setting up servers.

Automatically save data to logs on IEX Cloud without setting up any storage infrastructure.

Get early beta access and start building your first rules right away. Use our help documentation and examples to get started.

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A few examples:

Get dividends delivered right to email as soon as theyʼre available.

Trigger a webhook when thereʼs a sudden price change on a stock.

Chain multiple rules together – for instance, see when any stockʼs price changed by 5% with a P/E ratio lower than 10.

And so much more. Check out our help documentation for more examples and details on how to begin.

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