October 14, 2020

The Next Phase of IEX Cloud

New datasets, more symbols, wider coverage. The platform is expanding!

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Tim Baker

To our community,

As the Head of IEX Cloud, I am proud and excited to announce that IEX Cloud will be expanding the platform and its offering in the coming months.

Since launching in 2019, weʼve been collecting feedback from our growing community about what users are building and which data would be most valuable. You asked, and we listened!

Starting December 1, 2020, we will begin introducing an expanded offering that enhances the quality and breadth of data available on IEX Cloud. Behind the scenes, weʼve partnered with a group of industry-trusted data providers to make this possible.

This upgrade marks a new phase for IEX Cloud – and itʼs just the beginning. We have an ambitious roadmap and plan to bring you even more data and services in 2021. None of this would be possible without your support and feedback.

Thereʼs a lot to share and we donʼt want you to miss any of the details. Please review the following carefully to understand timelines, changes to certain endpoints, and important next steps as a part of this upgrade. As always, our team will be available to answer any questions.

Whatʼs new

On December 1, 2020, we will begin rolling out a range of expanded financial data. Here are a handful of the highlights:

Expanded global historical stock price coverage, with over 200,000 new symbols for end-of-day historical prices from 160+ exchanges worldwide.

More than a dozen endpoints with international coverage, including dividends, splits, end-of-day options data, and more.

Enhanced normalized financial statement data,) adding over 100 new fields and history as far back as 1998. Includes quarterly and annual statements. Soon to include adjusted statements, plus other ratios and analytics.

Global earnings and estimates data*, with coverage for around 15,000 additional symbols worldwide.

Brand new datasets and endpoints planned for 2021, including global end-of-day futures data, global end-of-day indices and constituents **, and historical fixed income data.

More to come!

Stay up to date by referencing our Help Center for release dates and a broader list of planned enhancements for this upgrade. We will circulate additional email updates in the coming weeks as well.

*Earnings and estimates data will have updated terms of use. Read more below.

**Does not include major U.S. indices like S&P 500 or Dow Jones.

Data deletion requirements

Part of this upgrade includes the platformʼs transition away from our current primary data provider. For this migration, the existing provider requires that any of its data that has been saved or cached be removed by the December 1, 2020 transition date.

This applies to any saved or cached data that has been pulled from Core Data endpoints marked with “Primary Provider” under “Data Source” in our API documentation – such as Historical Prices , Financials , or Earnings. If you have saved or cached data, be sure to review the instructions for data removal in our Help Center . Contact with any questions.

Important endpoint changes

Our team is working hard to minimize any changes that might impact your implementation. Because the platform is accommodating a new and widened range of data, our team may need to modify or retire a small number of fields and endpoints.

We will keep an updated list of upcoming changes in our Help Center – reference this guide to stay updated on which datapoints could be impacted.

Itʼs also important to note that the following will have updated terms of use:

Starting December 1, 2020, this data will require additional entitlements andwill be available for personal or internal use only.

These endpoints use Premium Data credits. For legacy Launch, Grow, and Scale plans, you also have the option of usingpay-as-you-go credits. The updated terms of use and entitlement instructions can also be found in our Help Center.

Thank you for supporting our mission

This update to our platform brings an expanded range of possibilities to create value from data – whether youʼre a developer building an internal application for your business, a Fintech entrepreneur, or a personal investor. Thank you again for being an early supporter of IEX Cloud and standing behind our mission of making financial data accessible – we wouldnʼt be here without you.

Youʼll continue to receive regular updates from the team in the coming weeks. In the meantime, follow along in our Help Center for details on timelines, upcoming enhancements, and answers to FAQs. If you have any questions, please donʼt hesitate to reach out to

We canʼt wait to see what you build next!


Tim Baker, CFA