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Data Sets & Usage Costs
Realtime IEX Trades Included
U.S. Stocks/Equities Included + $299
(personal use)
Earnings (back) Included unclear
Estimates (forward) Included + $120
Dividends Included + $299
Splits Included + $39
(personal use)
Financials Included + $100
IPO Calendar Included
Analyst Ratings Included + $60
(personal use)
Price Targets Included + $100
Peer Groups Included
Reference Data Included unclear
International Stocks/Equities Included variable
Mutual Funds Included + $25
OTC Included + $50
(personal use)
News Included unclear
Forex / Currencies Included + $75
(personal use)
Ownership Included + $120
(personal use)
Insider Data Included + $49
(personal use)
Crypto Included unclear
Social Sentiment Included + $40
CEO Compensation Included unclear
Economic Indicators Included + $75
(personal use)

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