IEX CLOUD for Investing and Analysis

One API for a suite of financial data

Seamlessly capture and chart market data, track prices and analyze trends.

Investing & Analysis Use Cases

Combine IEX Cloud financial and your data, take action on events, alert on changes.

Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring and rebalancing

Continuously monitor the performance and composition of investment portfolios. Process real-time market data and trade execution events, and provide instant updates on the value, allocation, and risk exposure of each investment. Trigger automated portfolio re-balancing functions based on key criteria.

Seamless trade execution

Enable seamless trade execution and order management. Process trade execution events in real-time, ensuring efficient order routing and trade confirmation.

Risk Management and Alerts

Monitor risk indicators in real-time, such as portfolio volatility, credit rating changes, or sudden market movements. Generate alerts and notifications to notify users of potential risks or trigger risk mitigation actions.

Listen to changes in the market to drive trading decisions

Use IEX Cloud Financial Data to listen to changes in the market to drive trading decisions and run analytics.